• Lewis Cass is elected President.
  • Settlement of the west continues.
  • U.S. armies are moved to the west to secure new territories.


  • Democrats suffer a loss in the election of 1852 as Winfield Scott is elected President.
  • A revolution in former Mexican territories is put down by the swift arrival of a U.S. army


  • John C. Frémont is elected President.
  • The Democratic party attempts to restructure because of their losses.


  • The restructuring of the Democratic party did not help them.
  • Lincoln is elected President of the United States, defeats incumbent John C. Frémont.
  • Kansas and Nebraska are admitted as states.


  • Lincoln wins re-election with 55% of the vote.
  • The Democratic party becomes stronger, winning more of the vote in the Presidential Election.
  • Lincoln sends an army led by Ulysses S. Grant to the west in order to protect American interests.


  • A Mexican army moves up from the south in an attempt to retake its former territories.
  • Grant's army swiftly defeats the Mexican army.
  • War was not declared, as the army was led by a rogue Mexican general.


  • Horatio Seymour is elected President of the United States.
  • The Republicans suffer their first defeat in a Presidential election in a long time.


  • The Ku Klux Klan rises to power in the south. People in the south start to fight for slavery to be legal once more, and white nationalism rises.
  • Ulysses S. Grant is elected President, defeats incumbent Horatio Seymour.


  • Ulysses S. Grant secures re-election. His popularity due to his actions in the west secure him that victory.
  • Nebraska is admitted as a state.


  • Manifest Destiny begins to rise once more, more Americans believe that it is the United States' destiny to expand overseas.
  • Several U.S. representatives are voted out of office because of accusations of corruption.
  • Winfield S. Hancock is elected President of the United States.


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