Election of 1836Edit

  • William Henry Harrison daguerreotype edit
    The election of 1836 was mainly between Martin Van Buren and William H. Harrison.
  • Due to the Civil War, Harrison would win the election with a majority of the popular and electoral vote.
  • The Democratic party was at a strong disadvantage due to the actions of John C. Calhoun.

Harrison PresidencyEdit

  • The Harrison Presidency was one of little significance.
  • He worked to rebuild the south and repair the Union from the damage it suffered in the Civil War.
  • Harrison would push for stronger industrialization, viewing it as a gateway to a very strong American economy.

Election of 1840Edit

  • Harrison would be defeated in the 1840 election to the Democratic candidate, James K. Polk.
  • A strong voter turnout in the south was the cause of Polk's election.


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