New MarketsEdit

  • In 1890, the U.S. begins to target China as a market.
    Siege of Peking, Boxer Rebellion
  • The Philippines allow the United States to sell to the very large Chinese population.
  • American influence grows over China along with the European powers.
  • U.S. businesses flourish in China with a whole new population to sell to.

Boxer RebellionEdit

  • In 1893, the Boxer Rebellion begins. 
  • The Qing Dynasty is weakening, its time has come to an end.
  • Chinese militants attack foreigners in China, targeting anything that is perceived as foreign influence.
  • The uprising is put down by the combined foreign powers.


  • With the Chinese population now hostile to the United States, it is decided that America should focus on its own issues back at home.


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