Spanish-American WarEdit

  • The United States moves to war with the Spanish over territories in the Caribbean and Pacific.
  • Three U.S. ships disappear in the Caribbean, and the Spanish are blamed by American media.
  • The U.S. moves its navy to Pacific and Caribbean Spanish territories.
  • War is declared by Congress.
  • The Spanish, extremely weakened, suffer a series of defeats in the war.
  • Spanish territory in the Caribbean is swiftly taken by the United States.
  • Fighting in the Philippines and Guam commences.
  • A U.S. fleet defeats a Spanish fleet in the Pacific.
  • The Spanish surrender and sell its territories to the United States.

Growth of CitiesEdit

  • Urban areas grow rapidly in the United States.
  • More people begin to work in large factories, protests begin as workers feel that they are not paid enough.
  • More and more farmers move to cities to find work.


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