In an alternate history, what if the United States betrayed the Soviet Union at the end of World War 2, by assassinating Joseph Stalin, and by threatening ultimatums with the atomic bombs, in order to force them to surrender? What if the U.S. helped and joined their ally, China, to defeat Mao Zedong’s communists? What if communism and fascism were banned, due to the events and horrors of World War 2 and before that? What if Fidel Castro never came to power? What if ISIS was defeated early, when it was formed, before the expansion? What if Adélio Bispo de Oliveira successfully assassinates Jair Bolsonaro?


In the late 1910s to 1930s, the Soviet Union’s threat, persecutions, and atrocities including the Red Scare, the Red Terror, the Great Purge, the Russian Civil War, and the Soviet invasion of Poland with the Nazis, has led the United States to secretly create a hidden anti-Soviet campaign within the U.S. Government. In 1944, the spies were secretly caught by the U.S. for planning to give the atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union. In 1945, during World War 2, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s “Operation Unthinkable” was cancelled. After hearing of the United States’ plan to drop the atomic bombs on Japan and realizing that “Operation Unthinkable” was unsuccessful, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was Anti-communist, convinces the United States that when the U.S. drops the atomic bombs on Japan, they must betray their ally, the Soviet Union, by dropping the atomic bombs on Moscow. Seeing Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union and its communism as a threat, the United States was forced to accept Churchill’s terms. However, the United States will not drop the atomic bombs on Moscow and other Soviet Union’s cities. Instead, they’ll give them a threatening warning to force them to surrender. This has inspired the U.S. Government, not only to defeat communist nations, but fascist nations as well. After the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the OSS agents manage to assassinate Joseph Stalin and the other Soviet officials, involved with the atomic bomb project, after Japan’s announcement of surrender in August 15, 1945. The U.S. also used the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to send a clear message to the Soviets. After Stalin’s assassination, the United States gives the Soviets a threatening ultimatum: Surrender and relinquish communism, or the U.S. will drop more atomic bombs in Moscow and other Soviet cities. With no choice, and due to fears of the American atomic bombs, the Soviet Union was forced to surrender to the United States, and the U.S. threatened to use the atomic bombs to destroy other communist allies if they don’t relinquish communism. After the communists’ surrender to the United States, the U.S. also threatened the fascist nations, as the United States sees both fascism and communism as a threat, due to the events and horrors of World War 2 and before that. The United States also used the atomic bombings in Japan to send a clear message to the communist and fascist nations. Both communist and fascist nations have signed an Instrument of Surrender. After the United Nations was formed in October 24, 1945, the U.N., inspired by America’s actions, also banned communism and fascism, due to the events of World War 2. This inspired the world leaders, including U.S. President Harry S. Truman to heavily ban communism and fascism. The United States is the only nation to own nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, “the Soviet Zones” in the Communist-controlled China led by the communist leader, Mao Zedong and his colleagues, never gave up, and declares war on both the Chinese Nationalists and the United States, due to their anger by the Soviet Union’s surrender and the ban on communism. Because of this, and due to the fears that the Chinese communists will overthrow the Chiang Kai-shek’s government and take over China to destroy the U.S., the United States have no choice but to fight the communists. During the Chinese Civil War, the United States begins to join and ally with the Chinese Nationalists in a fight against the communists. With the help from the U.S., who intervened in the civil war, the Chinese Nationalists, led by Chiang Kai-shek, manages to defeat Mao Zedong and the Chinese communists, who were overwhelmed and destroyed. Later, in 1947, during the First Indochina War, the Chinese Nationalists from the Republic of China began to ally with the French in defeating Hồ Chí Minh and the Việt Minh, who declared war on both the French and United States, whom the Việt Minh blamed them for relinquishing communism and the Soviet Union. Because of Hồ Chí Minh declaring war on the U.S., the United States also helped the Chinese and the French in defeating the Vietnamese communists, who are overwhelmed and destroyed. As a result, Vietnam was not divided, and the Vietnam War never occurred. In 1948, the Soviet Union and its communist allies, and the fascist nations are all under U.S. occupation. The Soviet Union was dissolved, leaving the United States emerging as the only sole superpower. The KGB or the MGB were never established. The Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany was handed over to the Americans, and both communist and fascist leaders were either imprisoned or executed. Korea is restored as a reunited, independent country, and North Korea did not exist. The Korean War never happened. A Korean communist, Kim Il-sung was arrested for making the speech to start a communist uprising. In 1949, Germany was restored under a democracy, and the first Soviet atomic bomb was never built. The Cold War never happened. Fascism and Communism were both heavily outlawed, around the world. Communist books and fascist books, including the “Communist Manifesto” and “Mein Kampf”, were burned to flames. Karl Marx’s ideas of communism were shut down. Neo-Nazism was banned. The Communist Party USA was shut down, and George Lincoln Rockwell was arrested for creating the American Nazi Party. Both communist and fascist parties are heavily banned around the world. Anyone who creates Neo-Nazi parties will be arrested. For many years in history, without communism and the Soviet Union, the United States, inspired by their own past actions by using the atomic weapons that are now been banned, decides to stop supporting dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, and began launching sanctions on them or threatening them with ultimatum by launching conflicts on them or threatening them with nuclear weapons. Due to the U.S. threat by sanctions and dangerous ultimatums, including nuclear weapons, many dictatorships and authoritarian regimes were forced to give up and accept America’s Anti-Authoritarian Act. Despite the Soviet Union no longer a threat, NATO was formed anyway to stop any potential threat, or hostile nations from invading or causing a war. NATO was also formed to assist many nations that are in trouble. In 1952, when Japan signed the Treaty of San Francisco, and also, due to the United Nations’ ban on communism and fascism, Japan was forced sign the Anti-Nationalist and Anti-Fascist Treaty, that includes creating a holiday known as “Japology Day”, which will make Japan apologize for their war crimes, and will forbid and ban its nationalism. Germany also signed the Anti-Nationalist and Anti-Fascist Treaty, that includes creating a holiday known as “German Apology Day”, which will make Germany apologize for their war crimes, and will forbid its nationalism and ban its fascism. In 1953, the U.S. refuses to help Britain to start a coup in Iran to reclaim the oil, due to Cold War never existing and President Eisenhower’s refusal to believe Britain’s claim that Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh sympathized with communists, which they never existed. Instead, the U.S. convinces the U.K. to use the American-occupied Russia’s oil and to double their production elsewhere to make up for losses. The 1953 Iranian coup d'état never happened, and Mohammad Mosaddegh remains in power, turning Iran into a democracy. The space programs began in 1955. Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite, was launched from the U.S.-occupied Russia. Yuri Gagarin, who is a Russian collaborator of the United States, becomes a first human to go to space. The second was Alan Shepard, the first American in space. The Apollo missions and the Moon landings were successful, with Neil Armstrong becoming the first person to walk on the Moon. In 1950’s America, everything was calm and peaceful, without the Cold War. In Cuba, the Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul Castro, are executed for the attack on the military base. The 26th of July Movement never existed and Fidel Castro never came to power. Angry at Cuba's regime, the Student Revolutionary Directorate sends one of its members to assassinate a Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The assassination of Fulgencio Batista sparks the Cuban Revolution, overthrowing the regime. After the Cuban Revolution, fearing and believing that communism might get installed in Cuba, the U.S. convinces Provisional President of Cuba, Carlos Manuel Piedra, to install a democracy in Cuba. Carlos Manuel Piedra has instituted a democracy in Cuba and banned communism. The Cuban Missile Crisis never occurred. In 1960’s America, without the fear of the Soviet Union, people go to groceries, and go to American diners, play sports, and relax at homes, watching television shows. Meanwhile, the 1964 Brazilian coup d'état didn’t exist. After many years without the fear of communism, the U.S. refused to support many coups that will install authoritarian regimes or dictatorships. However, the U.S. did helped many poor countries restore their economies. For many years, the U.S., NATO, and its allies began to aid and help other nations crush many communist revolutions, which the Americans feared that they might install communism and launch the war against the United States. For many years after the American Civil Rights Movement, white supremacy, white nationalism, and the Ku Klux Klan were viewed as fascist, and were suppressed and shut down, because of Germany’s actions, during World War 2. The Ku Klux Klan was sent to prison. White supremacy and white nationalism were heavily outlawed. American white supremacists, including Bull Connor and Jim Clark, was sent to prison for their crimes against African-Americans. For many years under the U.S. occupation, nations, including Russia, were taught many lessons by the United States, about freedom, peace, democracy, Human Rights, and Anti-corruption. In March 5th 1967, Mohammad Mosaddegh passed away, and was succeeded by a newly-elected prime minister, who is actually a pro-Western politician, secretly working with both the British and U.S. governments, and began giving oil back to Britain and the U.S., along with other Western nations and allowing them back in. Iran still remained a democratic nation. Meanwhile, Ethiopia and Laos remained both monarchies. In 1980s, Tibet became an independent country, after the Republic of China became a democratic nation, due to many protests and demonstrations for the democratization of China, and the national capital of China is relocated to Beijing. In 1991, other nations, including Russia, under U.S. occupation, signed an agreement and a peace treaty with the U.S. and were granted independence. Democracy was installed in these nations. Russia was granted independence, after many years of learning peace, freedom, democracy, Human Rights, and Anti-corruption. Russia was finally taught a lesson and now understands. The formerly occupied nations in Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, join the European Union and NATO. In July 1991, a Russian pro-U.S. collaborator, Boris Yeltsin becomes the first President of Russia and was succeeded by a pro-democratic, anti-communist candidate, Grigory Yavlinsky, who founded the Yabloko Party. In Korea, 1997, ROK Military Officer Kim Jong-il, the son of a discredited Korean communist Kim Il-Sung, assassinates Chun Doo-Hwan and Roh Tae-Woo, after they were pardoned by Korean President Kim Young-Sam, which made Kim Jong-il very upset. In 2000, Vladimir Putin, who never entered into politics or the non-existent KGB, never rose to power. For years, without North Korea, the western nations focus on different atrocities in the world, including Omar al-Bashir’s war crimes in Sudan. After 2012, when a right-wing Japanese nationalist, Shinzō Abe, becomes Prime Minister of Japan, and commits its nationalist actions, the United States, without the military threat from the communist China, begins to launch the sanction on Japan for its nationalism, refusing to apologize for war crimes, and offending war crime victims, which is the violation of the Anti-Nationalist and Anti-Fascist Treaty. Japan and the U.S. were in restrained relationship, due to the rise of Japanese nationalism and the Japanese nationalist groups. In 2013, when the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was about to be formed and threatened war on the U.S., President Barack Obama saw them as a threat and launches an attack against them early, before they could expand. ISIS is destroyed and their leaders are dead. The Ukrainian Crisis never occurred. In 2016, a Turkish coup d'état attempt was successful after a pro-democratic Russian president sends his military to help the coup overthrow Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was assassinated by the Russian Spetsnaz. The Republic of Turkey becomes a democratic nation. During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, without Vladimir Putin as a Russian President, there was no interference in the elections, and a peaceful democratic Russian President viewed the GOP candidate Donald Trump as a selfish, greedy, corrupt person. As a result, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the election and becomes the first female President of the United States. Donald Trump fails in disgrace. Without becoming a President, Trump, who has no power or authority, was assassinated at home, by an angry Anti-Trump assailant, who successfully kills him. President Hillary Clinton has done successful accomplishments, including making the Endangered Species Act even more powerful, by installing a capital punishment for poachers and people who threatened animals, and other powerful ways. President Hillary Clinton also created a law that police brutality is banned and will punish any police officers who beat up or kills African-Americans and innocent civilians. After hearing the former “Comfort Women” in Korea and other Asian countries, and learning that Japan has allows its military to fight overseas, and is still killing dolphins and whales, U.S. President Hillary Clinton begins to enforce stronger sanctions on Japan, since President Clinton supported Women’s Rights and the Endangered Species Act, and was disgusted by Japan’s selfish ways. As Japan began to face an economic turmoil, the Japanese citizens blame Shinzō Abe and the Japanese government for their actions that led to Japan’s turmoil. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe was assassinated and the nationalist Japanese government was overthrown in an uprising. After Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe was assassinated, U.S. President Hillary Clinton removes sanctions on Japan, as the new Japanese Prime Minister was elected to end Japan’s nationalism, and protect dolphins and whales. Denmark was sanctioned and was removed from the European Union, because of the powerful Endangered Species Act, due to whale and dolphin killings in Faroe Islands. This inspired the United Nations, and President Clinton installed Animal Rights in the U.N. as other countries were put in sanctions, too, because of the powerful Endangered Species Act, due to animal killings in the countries. Denmark and other countries were forced to accept the Endangered Species Act, due to angry demonstrations in in the world. Because of U.S. President Hillary Clinton’s empowerment of the Endangered Species Act, she declares that all wild animals should not be kept as exotic pets. President Hillary Clinton declares that Dogs, cats, Domestic guinea pigs, Domestic rabbits, Domestic fancy rodents, man-made pet fishes, and captivity-born hamsters, are the only options for pets. President Hillary Clinton orders that exotic pets or pet wild animals to be replaced with dogs and cats, in order to prevent dogs and cats from being euthanized in shelters. Owners were forced to give up their wild exotic pets to be replaced with dogs and cats. President Hillary Clinton’s legacy has prevented dogs and cats from being euthanized in shelters, and created the Pet-Training Centers for dogs and cats. President Hillary Clinton’s legacy continues as she begins to punish the Republican Party’s wealthy and corporate donors for their corruption, hurting the American people and their families, and going against the environment. Big Oil, Big Gas, and Big Coal companies were sued by President Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party was found guilty of corruption. Mitch McConnell faces corruption charges and imprisonment for his actions. Due to the threat by Donald Trump’s candidacy, before the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, President Hillary Clinton creates a law that presidential candidates must testify and allow the U.S. Government to learn their records, before they can become presidential candidates. During the Syrian Civil War, without Vladimir Putin, Russia, now a democracy did not support a Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad. Instead, Russia allies with the U.S. to support the Syrian Rebels against the regime. Due to the chemical attacks by the Syrian regime, Russia, an ally of the U.S. and the Syrian Rebels, sends the operatives to assassinate President Bashar al-Assad, as the U.S. sends drones to destroy the chemical weapons facilities, allowing the Syrian Rebels and its American ally to overthrow the Syrian dictatorship, thus ending the Syrian Civil War and restoring democracy in Syria. Meanwhile, President Hillary Clinton legalizes safe medical marijuana and forces Big Tobacco and cigarette companies to sell safe medical marijuana instead of tobaccos and cigarettes, which were now heavily banned by President Clinton, who has shut down the manufacturing and production of tobaccos and cigarettes. Big Tobacco and cigarette companies have now become Big Pot companies and medical marijuana companies, instead. President Clinton also funded the scientists’ research to genetically engineer medical marijuana to become safer. Medical marijuana was genetically engineered to become a lot safer. President Clinton creates a behavioral skills law that parents must hardly teach their young children not to become school bullies or bad people, after they’re born. Without a threat from Iran, President Clinton launches sanctions on Israel for their inhumane treatment of Palestinians. In this modern day, without Putin’s authoritarianism, Russia begins to support its own culture throughout the nation. In Brazil, Adélio Bispo de Oliveira successfully assassinates a Brazilian right-wing candidate, Jair Bolsonaro by dragging him on the ground and slitting his neck and throat. Bolsonaro’s death has caused anger from his supporters. Hamilton Mourão, a running mate of Bolsonaro, was elected as the President of Brazil. In the United States, President Clinton has banned right-wing ideologies and right-wing conservatism, and outlawed dark money politics, because President Clinton saw these as a threat to freedom, peace, and democracy. Citizens United was shut down. Due to Brazilian President Hamilton Mourão’s corrupt right-wing policies, U.S. President Clinton launches strong sanctions on Brazil, but President Clinton begins a secret deal with President Mourão; she will lift up the sanctions, if President Hamilton Mourão sends his men to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro, the dictator of Venezuela, without telling everyone that President Clinton hired Brazil to overthrow the Venezuelan President. After President Hamilton Mourão sends his men into Venezuela, the Brazilian spies manages to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro and Vice President Delcy Rodríguez of Venezuela, but the Brazilian spies were captured, identified, and interrogated. Angry by the assassinations of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, the Venezuelan General-in-chief, Vladimir Padrino López, sends his spies to Brazil, where they assassinated President Hamilton Mourão, the Social Liberal Party members, and other right-wing and far-right conservatives and Brazilian nationalists. However, Juan Guaidó became the new President of Venezuela. To stop a war between Brazil and Venezuela, U.S. President Clinton orders Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó, to hand over Vladimir Padrino López to Brazil for his reckless assassinations. Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó successfully convinces Brazil, and has Vladimir Padrino López turned over to Brazil for his own crimes. Later, Brazil and Venezuela have been both restored as peaceful democracies. Meanwhile, because of the Mexican illegal immigrants, and the migrant caravans from Central America, fleeing towards the United States-Mexican border, U.S. President Hillary Clinton declares New Mexico a second Sanctuary State after California, and decides to use the immigrants and the migrant caravans as a high-paid labor force to rebuild Puerto Rico and its economy, due to the devastating hurricane. Puerto Rico then becomes a third Sanctuary State, which is referred to as the “Sanctuary Commonwealth.” Due to the migrant caravans fleeing from the Central American nations, due to mass violence, poverty, and other problems there, U.S. President Hillary Clinton, inspired by the U.S. occupation of the defeated Soviet Union, decides to start an international humanitarian effort to bring aid, and restore stability to Central America by placing the Central American nations under U.S. occupation, and later proposed of placing Central America under U.S. occupation to providing humanitarian aid to the economically unstable Central America until these Central American nations are rebuilt to be given independence. Their promise of providing humanitarian and economic aid to Central America, gained approval of the international community as the United Nations votes to support President Clinton’s decision to occupy and stabilize the Central American nations. Many impoverished, terrified people in Central America, who demanded aid from the U.S., were forced to accept U.S. occupation, after President Clinton successfully gives a message to the impoverished Central American public to accept their aid and the American occupation. Later, the U.S. occupation began as the U.S. Military and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) started to provide supplies and relief to Central American people as the U.S. humanitarian mission continues. They later provide plenty of food, healthcare and reliable power, and new jobs. The large majority of the Latino and Hispanic Central American people—very desperate and deeply impoverished—welcomed the U.S. soldiers for their promise of providing humanitarian and economic aid to their countries. During Hillary Clinton’s first term as U.S. President, the Democratic Party has become the ruling political party of the United States, after the Republican Party was dissolved for corruption and injustice against the American values of liberty and democracy. Hillary Clinton’s legacy continues as she begins to create advanced technologies on clean energy and environmentalism. With her help, scientists manage to genetically manipulate algae to create a more sufficient biofuel. Banana peels, and other fruit and vegetable scraps are used to make a recycled, clean biofuel, as seeds are being recycled to make more food. All types of Ultraviolet rays and lights are being used for clean, environmental, Solar Panel power plants in the facilities as the Ultraviolet lights penetrate the solar panels. The highly-advanced, powerful, electric fans are being used to blow windmills from inside the facilities to produce more electricity. Thermal heat from across the world’s deserts is being used as an environmental, clean energy source, and Death Valley, California is one of the thermal heat extraction sites. Inspired by the zero emission, Hydrogen fuel vehicles that were created in a safer way, President Clinton decides to create the safer, zero emission, Hydrogen fuel power plants without causing environmental problems. When the civil unrest happened in France, U.S. President Hillary Clinton convinces French President Emmanuel Macron to manufacture more, clean, environmental cars to replace the old cars that produce emissions. With the help from U.S. President Clinton, scientists were able to create and produce the first, man-made lithium using advanced technologies. Man-made lithium is being used for clean vehicles and power plants. Man-made lithium has led to more jobs that people get, thanks to U.S. President Hillary Clinton. With her help, she manages to fund the scientists in creating the cleanest, environmental vehicles and power plants, in the hybrid combination of Hydrogen fuel, plug-in electricity, solar energy, lithium battery, biofuel, thermal heat and self-powering by driving. United States President Hillary Clinton begins to fund the scientists in creating a technologically advanced, cooling systems that prevents global warming. A world trade based on biofuel and lithium is now growing. The water and air is clean, and United States President Hillary Clinton convinces the world to stop creating more dangerous nuclear power plants in the future, because of the Chernobyl disaster and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. President Hillary Clinton manages to convince the world to use her strategy and tactics on environmental, clean energy. People finally use small amounts of less coal, less gas, and less oil. Climate change begins to alter in a good way. President Hillary Clinton started a secret world summit convincing the world leaders that due to the fears of human overpopulation that might happen in the future, she told the nations that if it happens; they must create advanced technologies to send people to other habitable planets, by using cryogenic technology or other alternatives to colonize Earth-like planets. The world leaders were forced to accept President Clinton’s terms and they all signed a treaty and an agreement that population transfer to habitable planets will be used as a population control. In France, with the help from U.S. President Clinton, French President Emmanuel Macron has succeeded in allowing clean, environmental cars to be used. The cleanest, environmental vehicles, in the advanced technological, hybrid combination of Hydrogen fuel, plug-in electricity, solar energy, lithium battery, biofuel, thermal heat and self-powering by driving, were allowed in France. President Clinton has made railways and railroads that are technologically-advanced to power trains, creating a sustainable energy. The War on Drugs is finally ended by Hillary Clinton, when the U.S. and Mexican governments begins to negotiate with drug dealers, drug cartels and drug lords, that medical marijuana and other safest, harmless drugs will only be used, instead of dangerous and deadliest drugs, like heroin or opium. Police no longer kills innocent African-American or other people, because of President Hillary Clinton’s plans to use tranquilizer darts or spray cans, containing knock-out gas and sleeping gas. President Hillary Clinton’s plans have prevented the deaths of many innocent people by the police. Due to Brexit and the financial problems in Britain, U.S. President Hillary Clinton convinces the European Union to abandon and abolish their single economic system to allow the European nations to keep their own independent economic systems, while the European Union still remains, and the trade between the European nations continues. The United States is now a good place, due to the Democratic Party being as the ruling political party that now controls the 50 states after the 2018 United States gubernatorial elections, with the Republican Party being dissolved for going against freedom and democracy, and for their own selfish crimes. There is no corruptions, no dark-money politics, no racism, no discrimination, no right-wing politics, and everything is now fine. More behavioral skills and good personality skills educations were created by President Hillary Clinton. The corrupt Republicans, including Mitch McConnell and the GOP’s donors are still in prison. The corporations and the wealthy are charged and were found guilty for their involvement with the Republican Party. Some Republicans, who were not corrupt and does not believe in extreme right-wing populism, believes in the U.S. Constitution, the American values, the rule of law, and the country’s democracy. They are against President Clinton’s shut down of the Republican Party. However, President Clinton gives the Republicans an ultimatum: They must reform the Republican Party in a good vision by respecting the U.S. Constitution, the American values, the rule of law, environmentalism, and the country’s democracy, only if they ban dark-money politics, stopping and ending corrupt donors, getting money out of politics, preventing greed, and end right-wing extremism. They also must respect Civil Rights, Human Rights, equality, and freedoms, meaning no discrimination, no corruption, and no abuse of power. The Centre-right, and centrist, moderate Republicans then accept President Clinton’s terms, and the Republican Party is re-established and reformed in a good, friendlier way that respects people’s rights. The Liberal and “Good” Republicans finally have their jobs back, while the corrupt Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, are still imprisoned. In the United States, the Keystone Pipeline was never built. Trump’s terrible laws had never happened, and his executive orders have never happened, also. Without Donald Trump, the United States and the entire world, was not damaged by his actions. Gun Control laws have prevented more crime from happening. The NRA leaders were charged for corruption. President Clinton has fixed and repaired ObamaCare. In Israel, 2019, Benjamin Netanyahu has lost the election, after many Israelis blamed him for his actions that led to Israel being sanctioned by the United States. U.S. President Clinton removes sanctions on Israel. The United States Embassy in Jerusalem, was never established. Meanwhile in Asia, the Kuril Islands Dispute never happened, because back in 1960, the United States returned four Kuril Islands to Japan, when Russia was occupied by America. Nicotine is banned in the United States and the world as tobacco farms are being replaced by hemp farms and cannabis farms, which are only allowed. President Clinton announces plan to raise cannabis purchasing age to 22. Due to the outbreaks of diseases, including the measles outbreak, President Clinton has outlawed and banned Anti-vaccination movements and society as the Clinton Administration vaccinates children and other people by strong force. Anti-vaccination is now a crime. Anyone who enforces Anti-vaccination will be charged and arrested, and Anti-Vaxxers will be sent to jail. Meanwhile, Merrick Garland is the new Associate Justice, after being nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court. In Sudan, after President Omar al-Bashir was ousted from his presidency, during the 2019 Sudanese coup d'état, U.S. President Clinton convinces the Transitional Military Council to restore a democratic civilian government with free elections. In the United States, during Hillary Clinton’s first term as U.S. President, Clinton herself supported gender equality, and reinforced and protected Barack Obama’s policies and his legacy. President Clinton has forced America to join the Paris Climate Accord. She supported gun regulation and Planned Parenthood. John Podesta is Clinton’s Chief of Staff. Joe Biden is the U.S. Secretary of State. Sheryl Sandberg is the U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Michèle Flournoy is the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Loretta Lynch is still the U.S. Attorney General. Jennifer Palmieri is the White House Press Secretary. Meanwhile, President Clinton pressured Congress to renew the children’s health insurance program. Without Trump, an attempt to build a wall between the U.S.-Mexico Border had never happened, and the Muslim travel ban didn’t exist. Meanwhile, the Clinton Administration agrees that there will be more border security, but would not end the DACA program. So along with border security, President Clinton has push for stronger protections for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented people to stay in the United States. America has successfully combated climate change, because of Clinton’s environmental policies. After the Republican Party was reformed, their political position is now Centrism and Centre-right. The moderate Republicans, including the Tuesday Group, are now just like the group of Rockefeller Republicans. The Liberal Republicans will respect people’s rights and their freedoms, and vows to end corruption in America. They will also focus on environmentalism. Lobbying is banned in the United States. Conservatism is now Centre and Centre-right. The U.S. did not withdraw from the Arms Trade Treaty. The centrist and centre-right Republicans are forced to work with the environmentalists, instead of fossil fuel companies. During her first term in office, President Clinton announces a plan to merge and combine all of the world's many science and technologies from every country around the world to innovate with more advancement to science and technologies. She also hired many scientists from all around the world.

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