Annexation of TexasEdit

  • James K.Polk would push Manifest Destiny, the idea that it was the United States' destiny to stretch from the Pacific to the Atlantic,
  • In 1840, the United States would annex Texas against the wishes of Mexico.
  • A United States army would be moved to Texas to ensure that the annexation went as planned.
  • The army would meet resistance from Mexican insurgents in Texas.
  • The Mexican government would condemn the annexation, and would move its armies to take Texas back.
  • War was declared, and U.S. armies started to move west.

Mexican-American WarEdit

  • U.S. armies would push the Mexican military out of Texas.
  • Mexican resolve was not strong, and their armies were routed easily.
  • The U.S. armies would not stop at Texas, they would push further west to the Pacific.
  • Polk saw the war as an opportunity to carry out Manifest Destiny fully.
  • In 1842, Americans living in California would rise against the Mexican government and form the California Repubic.
  • Mexican armies would be defeated west of Texas, and the U.S. would push toward Mexico City
  • In 1844, the United States would capture all of Mexico's territory north of Mexico City.
  • Mexico City was sieged by multiple United States armies, and Mexico surrendered.
  • The United States would hold on to all of the territory it captured during the war, and would incorporate the California Republic as well.
  • The major victory of the Mexican-American War would make Polk's re-election in 1844 an easy one.


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