The BearEdit

  • On August 2nd, 1974, a bear was climbing the fence of a nuclear missile silo in Florida.
  • The bear was mistaken by the U.S. military as a Russian spy.
  • Alarms went off at the silo and the USAF base near it, planes were scrambled and nuclear weapons were loaded.
  • The Soviet Union detected this scrambling, and mirrored the actions of the U.S.
  • Both sides believed that the other was preparing to launch nuclear weapons.
  • Attempts to defuse the situation had failed.

Nuclear WarEdit

  • Missiles are launched from silos around the world, at the U.S., Soviet Union, and their many allies.
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  • Nations, seeing that nuclear weapons are incoming, launch their own in response.
  • The policy of mutually assured destruction would be the world's downfall, as there was an immense amount of nuclear weapons on the planet.
  • No nation was safe from the atomic blast, governments around the world crumbled as billions died.


  • Top ranking U.S. officials would retreat to an oil rig off the coast of the United States.
  • They had contingency plans if this event were ever to occur.
  • They planned to study the effects of radiation from off the coast, then return to the United States to rebuild America.
  • The Soviet Union had similar plans, but most of their land was largely unaffected by the war.
  • The large amount of Soviet land that was unpopulated ensured that there was at least some fertile territory.
  • Both sides were unaware that the other had survived the destruction, but their eyes turned to their own nations once more.


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