• Research on the atomic bomb would begin in 1939, out of fear of the Soviet Union.
  • The Chicago bombing gave military officials the idea of an extremely powerful bomb that could wipe out an entire army at once.
  • The government commissioned several scientists to work on the atomic bomb, including German immigrant Albert Einstein.
  • Soviet control of Germany had pushed Einstein to turn from his pacifistic nature and support the development of the bomb.
  • The bomb was developed by 1942, and was tested in the deserts of Mexico.

Stolen ResearchEdit

  • The Soviet Union would also develop their own bomb, but 2 years later in 1944.
  • They would develop it because of stolen schematics from the U.S. project.
  • One of the men working on the project was a communist sympathizer, and was executed for his treachary.
  • This caused several protests, but the anger swiftly disappeared.


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