Response to the SovietsEdit

  • With Europe destroyed, the United States would become a leader in trying to stop the Soviet Union.
  • War could not be declared, because the U.S. knew that the Sovet Union would be the victor. The U.S. did not have enough backing from its allies.
  • U.S. troops stayed in Europe to ensure that the Soviet Union would not encroach any further.


  • Us-canada-and-mexico-map 426748
    With British power sinking, Canada became an issue for the British.
  • They could no longer afford to hold onto it, so they sold it to the United States.
  • The U.S.'s Manifest Destiny would almost be fully realized at this point.


  • Seeing the little territory that Mexico still held as a threat to the U.S.'s southern border, the U.S. moved south to annex the rest of Mexico.
  • The U.S. would come to control the majority of North America.


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